Is this FREE?

YES! This is designed to be an affordable hub for everyone. Those who join this site are entitled to a free listing until 2019 and there's no obligation to stay on past this point. At a later date, once the site has gained sufficient momentum, we'll be charging a modest fee to cover costs (less than £10/year) and certain business categories, charities and community listings will always remain free. No payment will ever be taken without your consent.

How do get my advert on here?

We can do it all for you! Email us at: and send us the details you want displaying or send us your facebook page/website link and we can take the relevant information from there. Pictures: It's best to supply us one or two landscape images to really help sell your business or group. But if you don't have any, don't worry we can make a holding image for your advert.

Who can advertise?

We have loosely defined the Chew Valley region with the inner blue circle. The outer circle shows a five kilometre extension.


Anyone operating within these circles


Anyone located outside the map circles but who offers to travel to the home/location of the Chew Valley customer

Not eligible

If you are outside our eligible zone and don't travel to your customers, then sadly we can’t accept your listing right now. But please do get in touch and register your interest as we hope to build directories in other areas.

Aligning to our philosophy

We want to create a positive space for supporting small businesses and nurturing connections. As such, we won't publish anything that could be considered offensive, harmful or illegal! Full guidance on how we deal with content is set out in our terms and conditions and privacy policy found at the bottom of each page. By using this site, you consent to the policies set out in these two documents.

Tips for businesses

1. Provide as much detail on your online profile as possible. If you can, upload a profile picture. People are much more likely to go with a business when they can see your face and appreciate you are a real person.

2. We appreciate your customers may need a little prompt to get online and rate you. If you would like some business cards to remind them - just get in touch and we’ll make sure we can get some to you free of charge.

3. Keep your listing succinct, positive and make sure you highlight the main features and selling points of your business.

4. Try to submit good quality images and video. We offer a photography and video service if you need professional imagery produced. Please see our work at:, and

5. Make sure to use this site’s web address on your communications. E.g. link to it in your email footer or give us a mention on your own website. Hopefully we’ll drive traffic to you and you’ll drive traffic to us!

6. We hope this site will become more than just a business listing. That’s why we’ve set up the community FREE pages and hope that it becomes a useful hub for all kinds of needs in the Valley. Please tell your family, friends and new people who move to the area about the free resources on this site.

7. Like us on Facebook. We’ll strive to promote new businesses who have joined us on there too.

8. If you encounter any problems with the site, do let us know as we are always striving to make it better. We would also love to hear your ideas regarding new directions we could take this service.

9. Good luck and we hope it helps support thriving local businesses.

Tips for customers

1. You can use this site without setting up an account but if you want to leave a recommendation or make use of our 'favourites' option to tag and keep track of your favourite suppliers, then it makes sense to set one up. It only takes two minutes and we promise never to share your details with third parties.

2. We hope that you will be able to support local businesses by leaving your recommendations on this site. You can remaining entirely anonymous if you wish. But we would love you to leave your first name and village in brackets after your message if you are happy to do so. The reason being, we locals like to get recommendations from fellow locals and we trust the reviews more if we know who you are.

3. Please rate fairly and make sure your comments are balanced and not offensive. On the rare occasion that you encounter a problem with your service provider/business, we recommend you try and resolve it in person. This site is just for positive recommendations.