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Cathy Judge – Sculptor

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Somerset Sculptor Cathy Judge studies the female form emphasizing its tactile curvaceous nature exploring its rhythms patterns and lines…

“Having always led an artistic and creative life I was introduced to sculpture by accident at an open day at Shute Farm Studios, near Shepton Mallet in the late 90s.   It was there that I had my first life changing experience of creating a sculpture. I was instantly hooked and the following day rushed out to buy my first slab of clay.   Hardly a day has passed since then that has not found me sculpting.

Sculpture is always a frustrating struggle to achieve the end result that one desires.  The thrill of completion is addictive however and I find myself impatient to start the next piece.

My early untutored efforts were refined and expanded by formal study at Queens Road College of Art and Design, Bristol and also Bath City College.

Visitors are always welcomed to my home in Chewton Mendip, near Wells, where they can enjoy viewing a whole host of work in my studio, gallery and sculpture garden. Much of my work, including bronzes, will not be found in galleries”.

Viewing by appointment only.
You can contact me on
01761 241235

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